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Mass Mixer, Auto Tilting Machine

Mass Mixer Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter in India

We are one of the establish Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturers from India, We manufacture Granulation Machinery, Mass Mixer is used in wet granulation for wet mixing, and preparing dough in the Pharma Industry.

We are No.1 Machinery Manufacturers from India, We produce Granulation Machinery, Mass Mixer is utilized in wet granulation for wet blending, and planning batter in the Pharma Industry. Mass Mixer is fabricated from 50 kg to 250 Kgs. It is easy to understand machine and can be worked by even a layman with just couple of long stretches of preparing.

The mass mixer consists of a inflexible fictional structure motor, gear box, mixing drum, stirrer and tilting device. Specially designed self adjusting sealing arrangement of exclusive design is provided to ensure that no black particle enters into the mixing drum. The material under mixing process can be monitoring during acrylic dust cover and its controls dust and contaminations. The tilting device is provided to make easy  delivery of the material and easy cleaning of the mixing drum.

Mass Mixer Manufacturer

Leading Manufacturer of Mass Mixer for Pharmaceutical Tablet Powder.

Ganesh Pharma Tech has positioned itself among the leading companies dealing in pharmaceutical machinery in a very short span of time. We have emerged as a trusted manufacturer, exporter and supplier of a wide range of Pharmaceuticals Machinery, Mass Mixer Machine, Octagonal Blender, Laboratory Plant, Multi Mill, Fluid Bed Dryer, Paste Kettle, Tablet Press Machine, Vibro Shifter, Tablet Coating Machine, Double Cone Blender, Blister Packaging Machine, Tray Dryer, Roll Compactor and are well supported by modern Pharmaceuticals machines and equipments to carry out the essential manufacturing activities, backed by a professional team of design/production engineers and experienced work force.

Our vision is driven by their obsession of Quality and Technology at all levels of their operations and has been inspired by Satisfied Customers. We sincerely believe that Quality and Technology can be achieved and acquired honesty, through fairness, and integrity in our dealing with all stakeholders-Customers, Suppliers and Workers.

Mass Mixer Machine

mass mixer Exporter in Vietnam

Mass Mixer can blend the sticky substances and additionally uniformly and in detail blend the substances which can be to be tough to blend. Paddle like blades are there for green granulation and combining of material.These blades have an unmarried pace rotation and are located in a horizontal function. Leak evidence seal and tilting association also are provided. Due to its particular blade layout and the attitude of the blade the mass mixer offers aleven though blending. It is confirmed a perfect aggregate gadget for blending the sticky ingredients. Ganesh Pharma Tech is a main producer of Powder Mass Mixers and Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturer in India.

Mass Mixer Machine is largely used for Pharmaceutical for dry or moist substances of Tablet Granulation, Powder, and Chemicals. Powder Mass Mixer extensively utilized in Food and Confectioneries Materials. Mass Mixer blending a meeting in which the combination stirrer is in horizontal function within side the container and have an unmarried pace, easy rotation.

Powder Mixing Machine Price

We have made ourselves a prominent figure by offering a extensive collection of  Powder Mixing Machine Price, Mass Mixer India . At the request of customers, we offer different designs and sizes. High excellent and simplicity of installation make our variety popular all over the country. We are provided with excellent quality Powder Mass Mixer, which is manufactured using components and best quality raw material, latest technology in graded stainless steel(SS) procured from trusted vendors. Get your order at affordable prices now. The providers from whom we buy our raw material are known to offer nothing under the excellent grade quality.

Mass Mixer Technical Specification

MODEL GPT- MM 50 GPT- MM 100 GPT- MM 150 GPT- MM 200
App Working Capacity 50 Kgs. 100 Kgs. 150 Kgs. 200 Kgs.
Over Flow Capacity 110 Ltrs. 220 Ltrs. 330 Ltrs. 440Ltrs.
Working Capacity 88 Ltrs. 156 Ltrs. 234 Ltrs. 309 Ltrs.
Speed Of Stirrer 28 RPM 28 RPM 28 RPM 28 RPM
Main Electric Motor 3 HP / 3 Ph 5 HP / 3 Ph 7.5HP / 3 Ph 7.5HP / 3 Ph

Benefits of Mass Mixer

  • Leak proof sealing arrangement
  • Ribbon or paddle type stirrer
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Uniform mixing
  • Full Stainless Steel construction to comply with cGMP standards
  • Mounted on strong structural frame for sturdy operation.

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Our Product Range
Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturer

Ganesh Pharma Tech Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturer & Exporters in India, Europe, Kenya, Nigeria, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Bangladesh, Philippines, South Africa, Latin America, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Kuwait, UK., United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Finland, Guyana, Libya, Japan, Mali, Morocco, Estonia, Denmark, Germany, Brazil, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Jordan, Sudan, United States.

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Roll Compactor

Roll Compactor is used for dry granulation method. It forces quality powders among two counter rotating rollers and presses the quality powders in a stable compact or sheets, so known as chips or flakes. The online Roll Compactor is used for improved bulk density, dust loose processing, making granules, and decreasing particle size of pharmaceutical ingredients in pharmaceutical industry, in food in addition to chemical industry for densification and granulation of powder. Roll compactor machine is compact design available in plain water jacketed or flameproof model screw is driven through mechanical variator.

roll compactor manufacturers in delhi
Tablet Press Machine

For the pharmaceutical sector, it is difficult to deal with defective tablets/capsules. Tablet Press Machine is largely the machine used to make tablets in many sizes as consistent with requirements. It can transform it from the powder shape to tablet form. These tablet press machines are particularly carried out in implemented in the pharmaceutical industry to supply medicine tablets; however, in addition they have different applications. High Speed Tableting Machine can be useful in making tablets shape of different cleaning products and that for the cosmetic industry as well.

rotary tablet press machine exporter in Pakistan
Blister Packaging Machine

Blister Packaging Machine is ideal tools for the pharmaceutical industry for the packing of Oral tablets, capsules, difficult and smooth gelatin and ampoules. These machines are design for packing blister numerous forms of industries. As an eminent manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Blister Packaging Machine cGMP, we are dedicated to quality. This machine is manufactured using excellent grade components and latest technology in line with the industry quality norms.

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Double Cone Blender

We bring about a disruption within side the market through our Double Core Blender machine which could efficiently blend dry powder and granules by avoiding dust accumulation, a phenomenon maximum not unusualplace with different manufacturers the Double Cone Blender. The blending is done in 5 to 15 minutes with higher homogeneity. In Double Cone blender substances falls within side the center of the blender spreads aside as it touches the surface mixing with the materials flowing inwardly from the sides. Known for its anti-corrosive properties it has fetched high demand in the market.

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